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Easy liquid dosing

METACAM® Oral Suspension is easy to use. Whether your dog is a few kilograms or 60 kilograms, liquid METACAM® enables you to give them the most precise dose.

Liquid METACAM® is simple to dose for several reasons:

  • Honey flavoring mixes well with food
  • Convenient oral administration
  • One daily dose offers all day results

METACAM® Chewable Tablets for Dogs

METACAM® is also available as a scored chewable tablet that is flavored for easy administration if chewable tablets are the preferred treatment choice.

Available as an injectable too

The injectable formulation allows veterinarians to administer Metacam® to dogs during a clinic visit, while the oral suspension and chewable tablets are designed for easy ongoing administration for pet owners.

Cost-effective treatment options

METACAM® Oral Suspension for dogs is available in 4 different bottle sizes that help owners to get the most out of each prescription and keep treatment as economical as possible.

METACAM® Chewable Tablets for dogs are available in convenient sleeves of 7 to allow for long or short term use.

METACAM® Oral Suspension for cats is available in 2 different bottle sizes.