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Testimonial Release Details

1. Definitions:

  • "BICL" means Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd. and its affiliated entities and officers, employees, agents, and other persons and entities they authorize.
  • "Individual" means the person who is agreeing with this form.
  • "Purposes" means assisting in raising awareness of METACAM ®, medical education, scientific research, public relations, marketing and/or advertising.
  • "Scope" means presentations, publications, or other public disclosures on television, or in radio, newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, presentations, conferences, the internet, and any other electronic, print, broadcast, or other media.
  • "Testimonials" means audiotape, sounds, interviews, transcripts, quotes, images, likenesses, recordings, photographs, videotapes, illustrations, negatives, slides, prints, and/or movies of the Individual, in any format or medium (including, without limitation, electronic), now known or later invented.
  • "Use" means taking, using, storing, reproducing, publicly releasing and distributing, broadcasting, converting from one medium to another, cropping, altering, editing, and/or publishing the Testimonials.

2. I hereby consent to BICL's Use of Testimonials of the Individual for the Purposes and Scope described above.

3. Giving this consent today ("Consent") does not mean that I am required to give consent in the future for BICL to create or use new Testimonials of the Individual.

4. Nothing in this Consent obligates BICL to Use the Testimonials in any particular way, or at all. If BICL does Use the Testimonials, it may change or discontinue such Use at any time for any reason.

5. The Individual may be identified by name in public presentations or publications in connection with the Testimonials. I acknowledge that identifying characteristics in the Testimonials could identify the Individual.

6. I waive any request to inspect, approve, disapprove, or request changes to, any of the Testimonials.

7. I hereby waive all claims to royalties or any other compensation or consideration now or in the future in connection with the creation or Use of the Testimonials by BICL.

8. I understand that if Testimonials are posted on a website by BICL or by someone else, then they might be downloaded and posted or used elsewhere without BICL's control or permission and agree that BICL shall have no liability for such actions.

9. I understand and agree that copyright and all other rights to the Testimonials belong to BICL alone unless otherwise required by applicable law.

10. I agree that my wish to help BICL for the Purposes described above is full consideration for this Consent.

11. I hereby waive and release BICL from any and all claims related to this Consent, including, but not limited to, claims by me that any Use of the Testimonials violates my rights of privacy and/or publicity.

12. Any questions I have about this Consent have been answered.